Help for patients from Ukraine

Help for patients from Ukraine

We are collecting money for the medical care and hospitalization of young patients who were forced to leave Ukraine, their homeland.

All donations will be used for the most necessary medicines for children refugees who will receive medical help at the hospital on Niekłańska Street in Warsaw, Poland.

Let’s help them and their families regain a sense of security and provide them with access to decent medical care at such a particularly difficult time.

Warsaw has over 200,000 Ukrainian refugee children. These children all need medical care including medical supplies and use of medical equipment. One quarter of the patients, both inpatient and outpatient, at the Warsaw children’s hospitals are Ukrainian refugee children. The hospitals are experiencing an unprecedented need for more medical equipment, supplies and medicines. Your donations are needed now more than ever.

Please help us give these Ukrainian refugee children access to proper medical care.

Money can be wired:
Bank name: Citi Handlowy
USD account number: 12 1030 1508 0000 0005 0039 8021
GBP account number: 82 1030 1508 0000 0005 0039 8022
Dedicated subaccount PLN: 39 1030 1508 0000 0005 0039 8020

On behalf of the patients and their families, thank you!

Friends of the Children's Hospitals in Warsaw