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Help for patients from Ukraine

We are collecting money for the medical care and hospitalization of young patients who were forced to leave Ukraine, their homeland.

All donations will be used for the most necessary medicines for children refugees who will receive medical help at the hospital on Niekłańska Street in Warsaw, Poland.

Let’s help them and their families regain a sense of security and provide them with access to decent medical care at such a particularly difficult time.

Warsaw has over 200,000 Ukrainian refugee children. These children all need medical care including medical supplies and use of medical equipment. One quarter of the patients, both inpatient and outpatient, at the Warsaw children’s hospitals are Ukrainian refugee children. The hospitals are experiencing an unprecedented need for more medical equipment, supplies and medicines. Your donations are needed now more than ever.

Please help us give these Ukrainian refugee children access to proper medical care.

Money can be wired:
Bank name: Citi Handlowy
USD account number: 12 1030 1508 0000 0005 0039 8021
GBP account number: 82 1030 1508 0000 0005 0039 8022
Dedicated subaccount PLN: 39 1030 1508 0000 0005 0039 8020

On behalf of the patients and their families, thank you!

Two new patient monitors

This is the most advanced, comprehensive equipment which continuously monitors all vital functions, such as ECG, heart rate, respiratory rate, oxygenation/saturation, pulse, blood pressure, and temperature. The hospital does not have enough of these devices and needs 25 devices.

Michał Sternicki has died

It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of Michał Sternicki. Over many years, Michał was the Chairman of the Board of the Friends of Children’s Hospitals in Warsaw. For many of us he was also a close friend and wonderful colleague.

On behalf of thousands of kids we would like to thank you for the enormous effort you had put into making their lives better. You will be sorely missed.

Our deepest condolences go out to Michał’s family.

Videostroboscopy equipment for the Pediatric Hospital of WUM

In the otolaryngology department we’ve just unpacked the videostroboscopy equipment. This is a set of special micro cameras and audio equipment for examining children with laryngeal problems.

As Lidia Zawadzka-Głos, M.D., head of the Clinical Department of Pediatric Otolaryngology and Pediatrics, says:

“The equipment provides the ability to monitor laryngeal functions after surgical treatment and voice acoustic analysis. It will be used to diagnose respiratory and phonic disorders. The devices will enable comprehensive care for patients treated for phonation and respiratory disorders, including children with tracheostomy. This is a chance for children to recover and be a part of their social groups.”

The purchase of equipment was possible thanks to the money collected during the 1% campaign in 2016 and the generous donations of companies and individuals. We say a warm thank you to all donors – This is you who make a chance for little patients for a full recovery.

Cardiac monitor for Niekłańska Hospital from the British School, Warsaw

Today, we visited the neurosurgery department of the Children’s Hospital at Niekłańska, where the parents of students from The British School Warsaw handed a state-of-the-art cardiac monitor. The medical staff will use it to monitor the little patients after accidents and operations. The device was purchased thanks to the support of the entire school community. Thank you for such wonderful hearts  ???

1% in 2018 – we got PLN 81 309.84 !

This year, we got PLN 81 309.84 via 1% ! A huge thank you to all those who have decided to donate their 1% to little patients ?

We have been raising money for diagnostic equipment for Niekłańska Children’s Hospital located in Saska Kępa district in Warsaw.

Why Niekłańska ? The Hospital as one of two in Mazovia has an emergency department for children. Without proper equipment, even the best doctors may have problems with accurate diagnostics. This is particularly dangerous when comes to the youngest patients. We want to change it so that kids have access to the best medical care and can get healthy as soon as possible.


Equipment for the Pediatric Hospital of the WUM

We have just handed over the equipment to the Pediatric Hospital of WUM! The Friends donated small medical devices (such as blood pressure monitors with different cuffs – not only standard, but also for babies, stethoscopes, special pads), and larger ones: reanimation strollers, a scale for psychiatric ward, a cardiac monitor and 8 comfortable armchairs for parents and medical staff in the oncology ward. The whole equipment has a value of over PLN 50,000.

The medical equipment will be used in many departments in everyday work – both during diagnosis and treatment.

24,000 PLN raised during the CEE Investment Awards gala

We are excited to announce we were a charity partner of the CEE Investment Awards gala on October 26, 2017! During an auction – run by great Tomasz Kammel – 24 000 PLN was raised!

The following wonderful items & experiences have been donated and auctioned:

  • Michael Moran’s MasterChef apron with his autograph,
  • Lunch with Editor-in-Chief of the Polish edition of Forbes magazine Paweł Zielewski at Casa Pablo Restaurant in Warsaw (voucher by courtesy of the restaurant),
  • Jerzy Stuhr’s latest book “Moje smoki na dobre i złe” with his autograph,
  • Individual fitness training (walking or running) with Robert Korzeniowski + his jersey from 2017 Warsaw Marathon with his autograph,
  • Robert Lewandowski’s original Bayern Munich game jersey with his autograph,
  • Krystyna Janda’s book „Pani zyskuje przy bliższym poznaniu” with her autograph.

The money will be spent on a new ultrasound machine for the Niekłańska Hospital. The Friends have already collected around 100,000 PLN and we still need 200 000 PLN.

A big thank you to the auctioneers, donors of prizes and organizers of the gala: Craig Smith & team of the!

1% tax in 2017: 76 451,21 PLN raised!

As every year, also in 2017, taxpayers could enter the Foundation’s KRS number (0000093204) into their tax forms. And after several months of settlements, everything is clear! The Ministry of Finance has just announced an official summary of the transfer of the 1% tax to public benefit organizations

The “Friends of Children’s Hospital in Warsaw” foundation received wonderful 76,451.21 PLN!

This money will be spent to the purchase of a new ultrasound machine for the Niekłańska Children’s Hospital.

A big thank you to all donors! Thanks to you children will have access to quick, accurate and painless diagnostic tests!